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Neurological Conditions Home Care

We work with people living with:

1)Parkinson’s Disease
2)Multiple Sclerosis
3)Motor Neurone Disease
4)Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)
5)Other complex Neurological Conditions

Where the person is living with a long term neurological condition and it is appropriate we work closely with a number of charities, as well as health and social care professionals to co-ordinate a joined up approach that provides support which encompasses every aspect of the persons care. Our service is designed to be responsive to all aspects of your needs: your well-being is our prime concern.

pensioner with grey hair playing with puzzles at home

What is Neurological Condition Homecare?

Neurological condition homecare is the provision of care at home for someone with a neurological condition. Neurological conditions can be present from birth, acquired as a result of injury or develop later in life. These conditions can be life changing and have a variety of different effects – emotionally, physically and behaviourally. Neurological condition homecare is tailored to promote health and wellbeing, offering dignity and quality of life for even the most complex clinical needs.