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Care Costs

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Care Costs

We understand that the cost of care is often an unexpected expense. We can advise you on how to fund your care and work with every service user to offer the most cost-effective solutions whilst ensuring that your care needs are fully met.

Care costs can be confusing, and we understand that financing your care requires some forethought and discussion. We are experts in the options available to fund your care in your own home. Together with you, we create simple cost plans that take into account your financial situation and will talk you through any funding options that may be available to you.

How is home care funded?

Home care is paid for in the following three ways in the UK:

  • local authority funded care.
  • Self-funding: the person requiring care (or their family/representative) pays the costs for their care.
  • NHS funded care: in some circumstances, the person requiring care may be part or wholly funded.

Local authority funded care

You will need to contact your local authority so that they can carry out a free needs assessment to assess your eligibility for care. If you are assessed as being eligible, the next step is for a financial assessment to be carried out to calculate how much you will need to contribute to your care costs.

Self-funded care

You will be responsible for paying for your own care at home if you:

  • have assets and savings above the upper limits for care
  • are not eligible for local authority funding because your needs are not found to be sufficient following an eligibility assessment.